Weekly Schedule

Vacation Calendar

  • Easter Sunday • no classes
  • Easter Monday • no classes
  • Kingsday Saturday April 27th • no classes
  • Ascension Thursday May 30th • no classes
  • Whitsun Sunday & Monday June 9th & 10th • no classes
  • Christmas December 24h • no classes
  • Christmas December 25th • no classes
  • Christmas December 26th • no classes
  • New Year December 31st • no classes
  • New Year January 1st • no classes

Moon days

It has always been the tradition in Ashtanga Yoga to rest from asana practice on new and full moon days (tithis). Therefore, on moon days there is no mysore class. They will be marked as cancelled in the schedule. You can find an overview of the moondays for 2019 right here.

On other days it's practice as usual.

Book your classes online directly from the schedule below.


  • Monthly memberships can't be ordered online yet, please send an email to info@the-attic.nl
  • € 70 - Regular monthly membership * Order by sending an email to info@the-attic.nl, specifying "Regular membership"
  • € 100 - Mysore monthly membership & access to all other classes * Order via info@the-attic.nl, specifying "Mysore membership"
  • * All memberships begin on the first day of the month, for a minimum of 3 months.
  • Lesson cards can be ordered online below
  • Buy your pass online now, or when you book a class. Be sure to buy your pass before attending a class.

You can manage your bookings and purchases via the Eversports site, www.eversports.nl

Yoga Styles

Ashtanga Mysore

Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic form of yoga in which you move with the pace of the breath. It is a fixed series and order of postures. You practice on your own breath, rather than being led by a teacher. All levels are welcome to the Mysore classes. Our Mysore teachers are in very close contact with each other so your progress will be monitored carefully. (This class is with Astrid, Marsha or Elianne​)

Ashtanga Led

Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic form of yoga in which you move with the pace of the breath. It is a fixed series and order of postures. You will practice the Ashtanga standing postures, and a selection of floor postures, as well as the finishing sequence. All levels welcome. (These classes are with Astrid or Marsha)

Yin Yoga and Yin/Yang Yoga

A meditative class in which the postures are held for a long(er) period of time. By doing so you are able to access the deeper layers of the muscle tissue, the connective tissue between the muscles and the joints, and the ligaments and tougher body tissue. Combining these postures with attentive breathing opens the body and stills the mind. A meditative and softening practice, that allows for deep insightful practice. When we add Yang there is a little more movement and activation of the muscular body. All levels are welcome. (These classes are with Simone or Melanie)

Ayurveda Yoga

In this yoga class each individual will be given personal tools for a balanced and fulfilled lifestyle. During the yoga sessions you will be introduced to the basic principles of Ayurveda as well as the three primary mind-body constitutions (the Doshas): Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Through this experience you will know what is best for you personally and how to start balancing imbalances. (These classes are with Elianne or Astrid)

Kundalini Yoga

by Yoga Haagse Hout

www.yogahaagsehout.nl • info@yogahaagsehout.nl

Yoga Haagse Hout is a Kundalini Yoga school run by Odette Dinklo and Dhyan Singh, both certified and experienced Kundalini instructors. Odette and Dhyan are committed to offering accessible and enjoyable Kundalini classes. 

Yoga Haagse Hout offers two classes per week at The Attic.
The Attic memberships and passes do not include kundalini classes.
These are the only classes that cannot be booked or paid via this website or the Eversports app.

  • Tuesday 20.00 - 21.30 - Kundalini with Dhyan
  • Wednesday 20.00 - 21.30 - Kundalini with Odette
  • Meditation workshops every second Sunday of the month, 13.30 till 16.00, with Dhyan
If you are interested in joining these classes, please contact info@yogahaagsehout.nl directly.

Thai Massages

by Marije

marije@hetgrotegoed.nl • +31 6 4711 6820

Thai massage is a beautiful ancient tradition which aims to restore the energy balance of the body. The massage therapist applies a mix of yoga stretches and acupressure. In this way your muscles and joints become supple and energy blockages are released. The effect is that more space is created in your body on a physical and energetical level. An effect that lets you relax and recharge for the challenges life sometimes has to offer.

The massage is performed on a mat, while you are wearing your comfy clothes (legging/sweatpants, shirt/longsleeve are advised). It will always be performed in a mindful way which is tuned to you and fitting your capabilities.

  • Fridays between 12.00-16.00 **
  • 1,5 hrs. € 75, - incl. VAT
  • 2 hrs. € 87,50 incl. VAT
  • ** If this doesn’t fit your schedule, please inquire about other possibilities.
Payment can be done cash at the studio or by ‘Tikkie’, or bank transfer (contact Marije for bank info).

Meet the team

Practice and all is coming. -- Sri K. Pattabhi Jois
Astrid Ashtanga Mysore and Ashtanga Led
Elianne Ashtanga Mysore and Ayurveda
Marsha Ashtanga Mysore
Nienke Ashtanga Yoga
Melanie Yin Yoga
Odette Kundalini, Yoga Haagse Hout

Practical things

Questions? Please send an email to info@the-attic.nl if you have questions regarding The Attic

Public transport / Parking

  • Tram 9 to Javabrug
  • Bus 22 to Wassenaarseweg
  • Bus 18 to Weissenbruchstraat
Parking is free in the evenings and during weekends


The Attic is located in Benoordenhout, we are in the attic of Zo Kinderopvang/Daycare